The Song of the Swan (Accidental Detective Book 2)
First Edition

The Song of the Swan (Accidental Detective Book 2)

First Edition

Mel Small (Writer)

*** Published Previously as Holmes Volume 2: The Return of Boro's Greatest Detective ***

“Gripping tales and wonderful characters…
Would love to see this developed into a TV series.”

Boro’s greatest detective is back in six more tantalising adventures.

When Sherlock Holmes is pulled from Flat 1B, 22 Baker Street to be detained at her majesty’s pleasure, his only hope of release sits squarely on the shoulders of his faithful companion. As Dr Watson does his utmost to free his friend, he becomes wracked with uncertainty. Does he really know Holmes? Is Holmes innocent of the crime of which he’s accused? Can he get him out of prison?

The Song of the Swan sees our heroes embroiled in another raft of intriguing mysteries. Armed only with logic, deduction and copious amounts of alcohol, they edge slowly closer to a final confrontation with destiny.

Who is the mysterious Professor and what are his plans for our Holmes?

“A masterful, rebellious and inventive riff on Arthur Conan Doyle’s august creation.”

“Fast-paced, clever, charming, funny, clever, and I should repeat clever.”

“Eleven out of eleven.”

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First Edition


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First Edition
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Written By

Mel Small
Mel Small
(United Kingdom)