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Publishing Your KDP Print on Demand

3rd October 2018
By Mel Small
Some insight learned whilst negotiating Amazon’s KDP Print on Demand service and the difficulties in getting your book cover design just right.

Uploading Your Profile Picture to Indipenned

21st December 2017
By Indipenned
Some instructions to show you how to add a picture to your Indipenned profile

What Does It Take To Become A Successful Full Time Writer?

16th July 2017
By Indipenned
Larry's views on the three things that will make you a successful full time writer

What is a Knowledge Article?

10th June 2017
By Indipenned
Indipenned is transforming the world of literature.  If you think books should be more about the writing and less about marketing budgets then come and join the revolution.