Short Stories


The Darlington Substitution (Chapter 1)

14th February 2018
By Mel Small
Chapter 1: With Doctor Watson's literary career starting to take off, a chance meeting with a fellow author in O’Connell's gives him an idea on how to get his work in front of a whole new audience.

What’s in a Name?

25th December 2017
By Mel Small
Joe and his pregnant wife, Mary, face a race against time to ensure their first born child is born in the promised land.

Elves of Myst: Festivity

18th December 2017
By Fiona Jeeves
A short story, from the magicians of Myst

What are Short Stories About?

10th June 2017
By Indipenned
Indipenned short stories help indie writers to demonstrate their work and build a following in the independent publishing world.  Short stories can be single postings or weekly serialisations