The Accidental Detective
First Edition

The Accidental Detective

First Edition

Mel Small (Writer)

*** Published previously as Holmes Volume 1: Enigma, Detective, Boro Lad ***

“Hugely entertaining…”

Thrown together by the British legal system, Holmes and his court appointed psychologist, Dr John Watson, seem an unlikely pairing... but sometimes the stars align.

Our two heroes are soon drawn into a series of riotous adventures that both bewilder and beguile. Holmes’ mastery of data, deduction and logic combines with his gin-dry wit and a casual contempt for life-threatening danger to ensure there is never a dull moment as he and the good doctor battle the mysteries that have the local constabulary baffled.

The game is afoot... oh yes!

“One of the best books I have read this year… Very entertaining, very witty and very memorable.”

“Manages to merge the feel of Sherlock Holmes with the noir-detective (Hammett) feel of more-modern-menace.”

“Mel Small is added to the tiny list of people I trust with Holmes and Watson.”

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First Edition
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Written By

Mel Small
Mel Small
(United Kingdom)