Tell Me That You Love Me : James Cartwright Book 1
First Edition

Tell Me That You Love Me : James Cartwright Book 1

First Edition

Oliver Dean Spencer (Writer)

A Hard-Boiled Short Fiction Featuring James Cartwright, P.I.

A runaway teen comes to Cartwright for help. She claims to have evidence that will clear her boyfriend of murder, but he's slated for execution in the next few hours. But can Cartwright beat the hangman's noose?

Tell Me That You Love Me, is the first in a collection of short stories featuring James Cartwright, a private investigator who plies his trade on the backstreets of Detroit.

Cartwright is cynical, resourceful and tough. He lives by a moral code, one which he believes helps him distinguish right from wrong, fact from fiction, and truth from lies. But as Cartwright discovers during each of his cases, it's one thing to believe in the code and quite another to live by it.

Over the next few months, I'll be releasing a series of short stories which follow Cartwright's exploits as he faces betrayal, murder and deceit. Keep up to date with these new releases by following me on the various social media platforms, or through my newsletter, located on my official website.

TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME is the shortest work in the collection at under 1,500 words—less than a 5-minute read. It packs a punch like any novel but without all the non-essential fillers. Also included is a preview of the first two chapters from the upcoming second James Cartwright short story entitled The Polka Dot Affair.

I hope you enjoy Tell Me That You Love Me. And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments and questions that you may have.

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