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#indipenned Twitterstorm

27th June 2018

Dear Indisciples,

Indipenned Loves IndiThe 1st July 2018 marks the first anniversary of the launch of Indipenned. It’s been a great first year in which we have grown steadily towards becoming the force majeure for independently-written literature we hoped to be when the idea for Indipenned first struck.

In honesty, we’ve not managed to do even half of the things we wanted to do in this first year. Contrary to what Mick Jagger says, time is rarely on your side and things do tend to take a little longer than you generally expect. However, we remain undeterred. Championing the work of great independent writers is our labour of love and as we move into our second year we are going to carry on shouting about it as loud as our lung capacity permits.

To do this we would be extremely grateful if all you Twitters out their could lend us your voice on 1st July 2018. On this day we plan to have some fun with Twitter. The plan is to try and create a bit of a twitterstorm around the #indipenned tag. Hopefully, this shouldn’t be too intrusive on your time. All we need you to do is use the #indipenned tag in the tweets you post this day and retweet anything you spot that contains #indipenned. We’re not sure how this will go, but with your help maybe we can raise the awareness of the world of independently-written literature. There are so many great books out there that enough people are not hearing about.

Viva la Independence

Mel Small

Founder, Indipenned

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