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James Marchiori was born in Venice, Italy and wanted to be a writer from an early age. He wrote his first verses at nine years old after reading in secret Edgar Allan Poe’s tales and poems. Soon he discovered the passion for travel, living and working around Europe and the United States, and he’s been collecting various poetry literary awards across Italy and Europe. At twenty-one years old he published his first book of selected poems with a Venetian Publishing House, thanks to which other two poetry anthologies and short stories were out before his 28th birthday. His professional career brought him around the world from London to Los Angeles and New York, but he never stopped writing and studying philosophy and literature always taking tons of notes with him no matter where his job experiences were heading to. He got first a degree as Master of Arts for the Hairdressing Industry which provided him with the qualification to teach new apprentices in his country of origin, and later he accomplished his beloved studies in Psychology and Education. He’s been writing songs and playing gigs as a frontman in various bands while achieving a significant source of gratification being awarded at the European Parliament in Brussels for one of his poems in 2002. His studies always continue on the French Symbolism with Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Mallarmè and likewise with Byron, Blake, Keats; He also spent time in an accurate study of the Bohemian Style of life endorsed by Baudelaire to name but one. Between 2012 and 2014 he‘s been collecting other prestigious prizes in London, Barcelona and Prague, always regarding Poetry competitions. He conceived the idea of a novel dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe because he wanted him to be considered above all a man with an anguished soul and a genius mind so over these past years he collected all his notes about his life and did an extensive analysis on the nineteenth century geographical and historical scenario. Once completed the full manuscript he was first published by an Italian Publishing House in 2015 and got very positive reviews and feedbacks. In the 2018 Summer, the second novel in Italian which is an atypical work being an autobiography/diary about his whole life and career as a talented artistic director in the hairdressing industry, a book as an expression of his original essence and substance. In the same year, a special edition of collected poems will be out on the Italian marketplace.
Within 2018 that very first novel celebrating Edgar Allan Poe and the gothic fiction will be on sale worldwide in the English version. 2019 will see his first English collected poems anthology.
He’s also working on a crime story series set in Dublin, Ireland, entirely dedicated to the country he’s based in, which he loves deeply. Reading his works, you'll always find the celebration of a surrealistic and gothic soul.

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